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In a complex real estate market, a buyer’s agent is there to help you find the property of your dreams at an affordable price. You may have heard of them as buyers advocates, but in simple terms, they are licensed real estate professionals who exclusively work for buyers and who research, find, evaluate and negotiate on the purchase of property on buyers’ behalf.

A good buyer’s agent such as Logica Property will find your ideal property faster saving you months of endless searching, effort and frustration. They will shield you from the hassle and stress of having to deal personally with countless selling agents and being exposed to their sales tactics. Most importantly, their expertise and negotiation and auction bidding skills will ensure you are buying the best property available at the lowest possible price. Buyers agents level the playing field. Learn more about the range of our services and fees.

What's the difference between a buyers agent and a sales agent?

Many traditional sales agents will present themselves as being also on buyers’ side when it comes to the purchase of a property. However, this simply cannot be so, as they represent and are being paid by the seller of the property and therefore have legal and ethical obligation to get the best price and terms for their clients (sellers).

We represent you and you only. We search high and low to find what is going to meet your individual needs. We make sure this is the right home or investment property for you and that you are paying the lowest price for it. Equally, we will stop you from buying a bad property. The bottom line to all of this is, the Logica Property buyers agent is the expert on your side looking out for your needs.

A question we often get asked is "why can't I just use a web search to find a property". The short answer is, you can, BUT you won't find the truly great offerings that a skilled property buyer's agent will find. Good buyer’s agents have an eye for a good property. It's also a known fact that many properties transact off-market. At Logica Property, thanks to our industry contacts you will gain access to many more properties including “non-advertised” and off-market properties. We will find those hidden gems for you.

Having said that, often the hardest part of property buying is to effectively deal with the competition from other buyers and simultaneously to negotiate the lowest price with the experienced selling agents. A skilled negotiator like Logica Property is invaluable in getting the transaction across the line at the lowest price for you, almost certainly saving you money.

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