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We offer this service to clients who have the time and market knowledge to search and locate the property themselves but want Logica Property to independently appraise it and negotiate the purchase on their behalf.
The agency agreement for the Appraise & Negotiate service covers between 3 and 4 properties. We handle the appraisals, negotiations and auctions and can assist in arranging other services and coordinate all matters leading up to the settlement.
We can assist you to get your search underway but essentially you will be doing all the leg work yourself. Once you have identified the property you like, we can take over from there. We will save you hassle and stress of dealing with selling agents. Being experts at estimating market values and negotiating with selling agents we will ensure you are buying your preferred property at the lowest possible price.

Is the Appraise & Negotiate service suitable for me?

While the Full Property Search service is our most popular service, there may be circumstances when the Appraise & Negotiate service could be appropriate. Essentially, this service is suitable for clients who are happy to trawl through pages of real estate websites to select all potentially suitable listings. You need to have confidence you are selecting the right properties and, once selected, personally inspect and evaluate them all. To do that, you need to know very well the suburbs where you are searching and have a current, in-depth local market knowledge. Equally, you need to have a lot of free time for the internet search and the numerous open inspections, mostly on weekends. Finally, you need to be confident about values and that the properties you found could be purchased within your budget.

Even if you had the time to inspect numerous potential properties, you could still be wasting a lot of time inspecting wrong properties or properties which will likely sell over your budget.
If you engaged Logica Property for the Full Property Search service, the search would be far more time-effective. We are more likely to find you a better property too. Because of our experience and evaluation systems, we would only short list the best properties that match your needs and your budget. We instantly recognise good value and have a “good eye” for a quality property. And we would also tell you which properties to avoid and why.
Importantly, thanks to our industry contacts we would give you early access to more properties, including off-market and non-advertised properties.Finally, it often takes many more than 3-4 attempts at negotiations and auctions to secure a truly outstanding property.

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