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You locate, we negotiate.

The service is designed for clients who would like to take on the task of searching and locating their preferred property, but also still want the advantages of having a professional representation during the critical stages of value appraisals and negotiations / auctions. This service is only available in Sydney.

The agency agreement for the Appraise & Negotiate service typically covers between 3 and 4 properties, i.e. you could use the the service up to three or four times. If still unsuccessful, an additional service could be purchased, or you could simply upgrade to the Full Service (which offers unlimited number of properties and negotiations). 

At the start, we assist you to get the search underway but essentially you will be doing all the legwork yourself. Once you have identified and inspected properties you like, we take over from there and handle the appraisals, negotiations and auctions.

Our expertise ensures that you know the true market value and do not overpay. Importantly, you would not be taken advantage of by the experienced sales agents during the negotiations or make a costly mistake at an auction. We will save you the hassle and stress and ensure that you are buying your preferred property at the lowest possible price.

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Is the Appraise & Negotiate service suitable for me?

Essentially, this service is suitable for clients who have free time for the internet search and the numerous open inspections, mostly on weekends. You also need time to speak to and get to know numerous sales agents.

Besides time, you need a good knowledge of the suburbs where you are searching, be sure about property values and have confidence you are selecting properties which could be purchased within your budget. If this sounds like you, then the Appraise & Negotiate service could be appropriate. It would also be less expensive than the Full Property Search.

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