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Auctions can be incredibly high pressure, high stress events. That's why it pays to have a seasoned professional in your corner who can act on your behalf.

If you found a property that goes to auction in Sydney, please consider the advantages of engaging us to represent you at the auction and bid on your behalf. Over the years we have honed our bidding skills by participated in numerous auctions and have a good success rate of winning and frequently saving our clients a substantial amount of money and anxiety.

With Logica Property on your side, you'll have the benefit of an experienced professional keeping a cool head and increasing the probability of getting a positive result for you.

•  We use our experience and bidding skills to give you the best chance of securing the property.
•  We take the stress and emotion out of purchasing property at auction.
• We can provide you will realistic expectations of the likely selling price of the property.
•  We can also represent you if you cannot attend.



This service is only available in Sydney. Learn more about our other services.

As part of the service:
• We ensure all pre-auction preparations are completed.
• If requested, we inspect the property and prepare a full market appraisal (extra cost).
• We develop the most appropriate auction bidding strategy to maximise the chances of securing the property.
• We execute and modify the strategy as required by the swift progress of the auction, including any negotiations during auction.
• If the property is “passed in” at auction, we continue to negotiate on the day of the auction (no extra cost to you)

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