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We assist investors in the selection and sourcing of profitable small residential development sites. 

We can assist both experienced as well as first-time developers considering property development. Our focus is on assisting clients who are regular property investors and who simply want to have an option of developing their property in the future.

As buyers agents, over the years we have developed a significant expertise in searching, locating and negotiating the purchase of suitable small development sites.

Most developers agree that correct site selection is one of the most critical steps to ensure a profitable development. Buying a wrong site and / or paying too much almost always results in poor profitability.

Thanks to our experience and relevant tertiary qualifications, we can advise our clients about the investment alternatives and recommend locations most suitable for development.

Using our systems, contacts and other sources we are also able to effectively source suitable off-market properties.

Using our knowledge of planning rules and our analytical capabilities and systems we can assist small developers with evaluation of potential sites and preparation of preliminary financial and planning feasibility studies.

Our expertise in estimating market values and our negotiation and auction bidding skills ensure our clients always buy their preferred properties at the lowest possible price.

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