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We are qualified property professionals experienced in helping clients build wealth through property investment.

Our experience, backed by relevant tertiary qualifications, enables us to assist our clients with actionable, reliable research and advice to help them select the right properties, and then acquire them at the right price.

We are qualified to discuss investment alternatives and recommend locations and the type of properties to invest to have the best chance of above average capital growth and a solid income stream for superior long-term returns.

We are experienced and fully licensed in NSW and SA, and thus offer our clients an option of investing in property in different states and at different price points. Many of our clients are interstate investors and we have developed our highly effective Full Property Search service with their specific needs in mind.

As your property professionals, we offer a range of proven systems and skills in property investment research and analysis. Whilst even an “average” property will often achieve reasonable long-term results, we can show you how to outperform the average and reach your wealth goals faster.

As your professional buyers agent in Sydney and Adelaide, we have the skills, expertise and a proven track record to search, locate and negotiate the purchase of “investment grade” properties at the best price. Most property investors agree that you make money in real estate when you buy, not when you sell.

Our expertise in estimating market values and our negotiation and auction bidding skills ensure you will always buy your preferred property at the lowest possible price, often resulting in very substantial savings.

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