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When buying at the top end of the market, having good contacts and employing the right strategies is key to securing the property of your dreams at the right price.
Given the limited supply of luxury properties, we add tremendous value by finding opportunities normally reserved to those in the know. So many of the top-end properties are sold off market, which means you need a professional house hunter to find that perfect luxury home that others don't have access to. At Logica Property, thanks to our systems and industry contacts you will gain access to many more properties including “non-advertised” (discreet) listings and off-market properties. As a leading buyers agent in Sydney and Adelaide we will find those hidden gems for you.
We have developed and refined a highly effective Full Property Search service to find your perfect premium home while taking the stress and strain out of the process of buying it. All with full confidentiality and discretion for our clients.

You could ask yourself: “why can’t I just contact the real estate agencies specialising in selling the high-end properties”. Of course you can, BUT please keep in mind that the selling agents represent and are being paid by the seller of the property and therefore have legal and ethical obligation to get the best price and terms for their clients (sellers). Their job is to make you pay the highest possible price. Relying on biased “advice” from selling agents exposes you to significant risks of buying a wrong property and paying too much.
In contrast, we represent you and you only. We search high and low, speaking to countless selling agents and other sources to find what is going to meet your requirements. We make sure this is the right home for you and that you are paying the lowest possible price for it. Our goal is your total confidence and peace of mind that your interests are always protected.

At every step in the process, we will be your personal, knowledgeable expert solely looking out for your needs. We will listen and take time to understand your needs. Throughout the search, we will provide you with detailed reports on all properties we personally inspect and recommend. And we will thoroughly research and determine their market values, something that is vital but can be quite tricky to estimate at the top end.
Once we find the property of your dreams, we will act on your behalf to make sure you secure it swiftly. Our expertise in estimating market values and our negotiation and auction bidding skills ensure you will always buy your preferred property at the lowest possible price, often resulting in very substantial savings.
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